About us

Welcome here at Save Sheka Forest Campaign Group which we support to protect and preserve the beauty and safety of our nature. Let us do together what we can to safeguard its beauty for our children and grand children.

Save Sheka Forest  Campaign Group was established in 2012 by group of Ethiopians when most of the natural Forest in the western part of Ethiopia have been allocated to foreign investors without the consensus of indigenous people for rice, cotton,  tea and coffee plantation. The Sheka Forest Campaign Group operation focuses in Shekacho, Kifficho, Bench-Maji zones of the Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples’ Region and in the Regional State of Gambella. The total population that our program includes  are more than 1.4million.

Our vision: To see that natural forests are protected and preserved and the rights of indigenous people respected.

Our mission: To establish partnership with Environmentalists, environmental advocates, researchers, media groups,Donors,Bi-lateral and Multilateral agencies to press the Ethiopian government for policies and programs that protect, preserve natural forests and policies that respect the rights of indigenous people.

Our Goal: Empowering the Indigenous community to manage their own life and environment using their own skills, knowledge and  resources with minimum external support in effect to eliminate famine due to man-made environmental destruction.

Our Guiding Principles:

Save Sheka Forest Campaign  Group accepts and promotes community based approach to address the root-causes of environmental degradation

Our program will be open to all stakeholders-from problem identification to all stages of implementation including reporting and utilization of its resources.

We are accountable for our operation to all stakeholders, particularly to the community for which the resources are mobilized.

Save Sheka Forest Campaign Groups strongly believes that traditional community structures are more powerful and strong for sustainable community development.

We recognizes that there is practical knowledge among the community that can be equally used with modern  scientific knowledge to facilitate environment for development.

Save Sheka Forest Campaign Group considers seriously the roles of women in environmental protection and always checks that sufficient level of women involved in the program.

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