Our Program

Awareness creation: There are major discrepancies between publicly stated position, laws, policies and procedures and what is actually happening on the ground in Ethiopia in relation to investment on forest lands. The Ethiopian government tells the local and international community that indigenous people are consulted and agreements reached, no farmers displaced, the lands leased out to investors are unused etc. However; there are evidences that many people are displaced, there is no consultation being done and agreements reached with the community, and in many circumstances the rights of indigenous people have been violated. Therefore, we are working hard to establish understanding among donors, environmentalists, advocate groups, NGOs, and prominent individuals on the facts related to investment in Ethiopia

Partnership and networking: We are intensively working towards identifying potential partners both nationally and internationally to stand by our side towards achieving our per-set goal.
Lobbying and Advocacy: Our program mainly focuses on approaching different prominent individuals, organization and groups to stand to our side during our campaign. Our initial phase mainly focuses on campaigning and lobbying the international community to understand the wider concerns that investment in Ethiopia on land in general and on forested land in particular are not being undertaken in a manner that safeguards the social, environmental, and food needs of the local populations, and in most cases violate the rights of indigenous people. We campaign together with our partners and supporters to create pressure on Ethiopian government for hospitable polices laws, procedures and programs that favor the protection and preservation of natural forest and respect of the rights of indigenous people in the investment area.
Research: We will sponsor research on the political, economic, social food security impacts of forest land investment. We assess where, how and why investment are happening on scanty forest in the country in general and in Sheka in particular and provided updated evidences to relevant organizations and groups who can create pressure on the Ethiopian government for proper policies and programs.

Empowerment: Different capacity building programs will be established together with national and international partners. Trainings on community based forest management will be organized for local elders, youth groups and local leaders.

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