What you can do

Your support to Save Sheka Forest Campaign Group is about helping that natural forests in Ethiopia is protected and preserved and the rights of indigenous people is respected.Your support enables us to press the Ethiopian government for hospitable policies and programs that favor environmental protection and preservation and that promotes the respect of the rights of indigenous people in the forested area. Save Sheka Forest Group is all about empowering people to help themselves by working with national and international environment activists, individuals and groups. We will closely work with environmental advocates, researchers, donors and media groups so that the voice of indigenous people heard both nationally and internationally.

It is now a high time for you and your colleagues to be inspired and meet us and become actively involved for environmental security and the defense of basic rights of indigenous people.

There are lots of ways to support Save Sheka Forest protection Group. You can contribute by being part of the group as a volunteer to lobby for environmental legislation, organize environmental events, write articles, campaign and participate in protests when necessary or to sponsor a project or to provide Gifts or  by making a direct donation in cash or Kind.

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